12 November 2020

DJ Alfonso's German Horror Broadcast for Cinematic Void - 12 November 2020

Presented here for your listening pleasure is an hour long German horror mix by DJ Alfonso. This mix was broadcast on the FM dial at the Mission Tiki Drive-In for the American Cinematheque, Goethe Institut LA, and Cinematic Void's double-feature presentation of Werner Herzog's NOSFERATU, THE VAMPYRE and Ulli Lommel's TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES on 12 November 2020. The mix features music by German composers, music from German film productions, radio spots, trailers, and other themed selections. 


1. The Night the Screaming Stops – Possession OST 
2. Love in the Shadow – Bloody Moon OST 
3. Mark of the Devil - radio spot 
4. Liebesthema – Mark of the Devil OST 
5. Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht (Count Dracula) - trailer 
6. Processo – Count Dracula OST 
7. Visionario – Count Dracula OST 
8. Horror – Sex – Show (Side B) – Horror Charly 
9. Dr. Caligaris Gruselkabinet – Vampires of Dartmoore 
10. Crime and Horror – Vampires of Dartmoore 
11. Der Hexer (The Evil Magician) – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra 
12. The Sinister Monk (Der Unheimliche Moenk) – Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra 
13. Ghosts or Good and Bad Onions – Vampires’ Sound Incorporation 
14. The Lions and the Cucumber – Vampires’ Sound Incorporation 
15. Vampyros Lesbos - German trailer 
16. People’s Playground (Soledad Dub) – Witchman 
17. Monster on Saturn – Science Fiction Dance Party 
18. Valerie, Ilona et Stefaan – Daughters of Darkness OST 
19. Nosferatu, the Vampyre - trailer 
20. Zwiesprache Der Rohrfloete Mit Der Saengerin – Popol Vuh 
21. On the Way – Popol Vuh 
22. Action and Suspense – Klaus Weiss