27 June 2013

Carlos Rossi Live DJ Set at RENDEZVOUS!

Transferred direct from cassette tape, here is a 46 minute DJ set by Month of Macabre's Carlos Rossi, recorded live at RENDEZVOUS! on 14 June 2013. This set includes spooky tracks by Frizzi, Morricone, Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, et al. All sourced from vinyl records, of course.

13 June 2013

RENDEZVOUS! with Carlos Rossi & DJ Mza!

Join us for our fourth session at the Hyperion Tavern in Silverlake TOMORROW NIGHT Friday, June 14th as we welcome The Month of Macabre's Carlos Rossi AND the return of Soul Circle Radio's DJ Mza! We, RENDEZVOUS! DJ's, are terribly excited for this evening! Signore Rossi will no doubt be bringing along some horror OST and library synth goodness, and our old friend Mza NEVER disappoints. This man has deep crates (and knowledge!) and he'll definitely have a gem of a set in store. We will also be screening two giallo and cult erotica films as well as a specially crafted for the night, psychedelic-horror-film highlight reel on the huge projection screen!
$5 Beers. Free entry.

Special guests DJ's:
Carlos Rossi (Month of Macabre, LA)
DJ Mza (Soul Circle Radio, LA)

and resident's:
George Ben Sun (AKA AM)
Adrian Younge