29 September 2011

Bombay TV Promo Advert

<a href="http://www.grapheine.com/algeco-voeux-2009-f90.html" title="objets publics">faire de la publicité</a>

27 September 2011

DJ Mahssa Live Set at RENDEZVOUS!

Here is Mahssa's DJ set from her first appearance at RENDEZVOUS! on 7 September 2011. This was a real highlight for us - a real upbeat set with that signature Mahssa sound. Top stuff indeed!

20 September 2011

AM & Shawn Lee Troubadour Show (28 September 2011)

Audio Absinthe Presents: AM & Shawn Lee at the Troubadour for Celestial Electric's CD Release Party with Adrian Younge presents Venice Dawn opening the show PLUS DJ Alfonso. It's gonna be a RENDEZVOUS! family affair!

Doors open at 8!
Presale tickets available $10
Buy your tickets HERE!

Doug Shipton Live Set at RENDEZVOUS!

Here is Doug Shipton's DJ set from his appearance at RENDEZVOUS! on 7 September 2011. Incredible selections - from Russian psych & Krautrock to Bollywood horror soundtracks! Photos of some of the album covers can be found on Alfonso's blog!

Andy Votel Live DJ Set at RENDEZVOUS!

Here is a 40 minute DJ set by Andy Votel recorded live at RENDEZVOUS! (Los Angeles) on 3 June 2011. No tracklist, but features a moogy version of "Apache", 80's synth, and a typewriter!