05 August 2014

NEW MIX...'La noche de RENDEZVOUS'

RENDEZVOUS is proud to present our second collaborative mix (the first being ‘Cannibal Hologram’ for Finders Keepers Records), and our FIRST with our newest resident…Ms. Dina Juntila. This mix is an auditory representation of an evening at one of our RENDEZVOUS parties and each segment is indicative of the sounds and styles that each resident brings to the table(s). We hope you enjoy!
1. Dirty Harry's Creed - Lalo Schifrin - Dirty Harry OST
2. Star Blossom - James Harpham - Nature's World - Studio G
3. Le Fugitif - Jean-Jacques Perrey - Dynamoog - Crea Sound
4. Gates Of Pop Empire - J.P. Decerf - Panorama - Montparnasse 2000
5. Motel II - Sonny Bono/Don Peake - Chastity - OST
6. Bamboo Child - Ryo Kawasaki - Juice
7. Ostinazione Al Limone - Ennio Morricone - Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? OST
8. La Dino Strazione - Daniele Patucchi - Brani drammatici, violenti e suspence
9. Kimono pop - Gianni Oddi – Style - RCA
10. Jungle Fever - Super Erotica – Super Erotica
11. Sophisticated Shake - Stelvio Cipriani – Femina Ridens OST
12. Dialogue: Coffin Joe from This Night I'll Possess your Corpse
13. Les Lèvres rouges - Francois De Roubaix - Daughters of Darkness OST
14. Shooting for Two - Ennio Morricone - Thieves After Dark OST
15. Sequence 1 - Bruno Nicolai - A Virgin Among the Living Dead OST
16. Pot Au Feu - Delia Derbyshire - [Library]
17. Fascinating Horror - Nico Fidenco - Zombi Holocaust OST
18. unknown sequence - Stelvio Cipriani - Deviation OST
19. Demon Seed Radio spot
20. IRA - J.P Decerf- Montparnasse 2000
21. Blackbird - Foggy Joe Band
22. Apotheose De B. - Benjaman Lew- Film Noir (cassette)
23. Starways - B. Chatton - Music DeWolfe
24. Suor Omicidi seq.4 - Alessandro Alessandroni - Killer Nun
25. Charming Spell - Daniel J.White - Intersong Library

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03 August 2014

RENDEZVOUS! Presents Chris Tillotson (Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions)!

Friends...it's that time again! Join us THIS Friday, August 8th for another edition of RENDEZVOUS! This month we are excited to welcome world-class record collector Chris Tillotson (http://starvingdaughtersvinylimpressions.blogspot.com/) to the decks at our lovely Hyperion Tavern! Though Mr. Tillotson may not be a household name (yet), if you consider yourself a serious collector of French and Italian soundtrack and/or library records, you more than likely have downloaded some MP3's off his blog. Come nerd out with us as this man will surely be bringing some rare heat to the tables. We will also be continuing with our monthly raffle of a DVD or Blu-ray courtesy of our friends at Severin Films!! Simply buy a beer, drop a raffle ticket into the conveniently placed raffle jar, and you're entered! Just be sure to ask the bartender for a ticket when you order a beer (a ticket will be randomly drawn at approximately midnight and the winner MUST be present. One entry per beer purchased. The more you drink, the greater your chances of winning!). As always, we will be screening THREE giallo and cult erotica films on the huge projection screen, courtesy of Severin Films, Distribpix Inc., and our NEWEST sponsor...Mondo Macabro!! RSVP on facebook here.


$5 Beers. Cash only. FREE entry.
Come early for FREE buttons, mixtapes, etc. (while supplies last)

Special guest DJ:

Chris Tillotson (Starving Daughters Vinyl Impressions, LA)

Plus resident's: 

Alfonso Carrillo
George Ben Sun
Carlos Rossi
Dina Juntila
Adrian Younge

**Sponsored by Death Waltz Recording CompanySeverin Films,Distribpix Inc., and Mondo Macabro